Massive Presets - "Bass Wobbles"

By Composing Gloves

Composing Gloves - Bass Wobbles

50 High Quality Massive Patches

Totally Free! BUT you can pay what you want if you would like to support me. I plan to keep content coming. 

All Patches have the 8 macro knobs linked to them making them ready to play right away!

The "Gloves" knobs are usually a little more complicated and a sure way to change your sound dramatically

Look in the attributes menu for comments and tips on how to use the patch, or just a funny comment. 

How to install:

To add the presets to your massive do the following:

1. Open your documents folder or wherever you installed Massive. 

2. Open the "massive" folder.

3. Open the "sounds" folder.

4. Unzip and drop the "Composing Gloves" file into that folder.

5. Open Massive.

6. Click the Files Tab.

7. Click the Options Tab.

8. Click the Browser Tab.

9. Click the "Add" Tab.

10. Go to where you put the "Composing Gloves" folder.

11. Go into the "Composing Gloves" folder and select the "Bass Wobbles" Folder.

12. Add the "Bass Wobbles" folder.

13. Click the "Rebuild DB" tab. 

14. Wait for your Massive to reload the file directories. 

15. Click "OK".

DONE! Enjoy! 

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