Trump Hentai Shirt - $24.99

By 3GI Industries

Back by popular demand, a shirt that can accurately describe Donald J. Trump- "Great Leader", or as the Japanese say, "Hentai". Designed with love by the Puzzle Master himself. 25% of proceeds made from these shirts go directly to a variety of charities specifically chosen to impede his great efforts:

1) Planned Parenthood

Provides abortion services and provides reproductive health to woman.

2) Natural Resources Defense Council

Brings experts together to tackle global warming concerns.

3) National Immigration Law Center

Defends the rights of low-income immigrants.

4) The ACLU Foundation

Provides legal assistance in cases in which civil liberties are at risk.

5) The Human Rights Foundation

Lobbies for the LGBT and HIV-positive communities' rights.

Merch is currently being manufactured- Orders will be sent out in August, along with anything else you purchase with this. Thanks for your patience!

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Trump Hentai Shirt $24.99

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