WMR Promotional Package #2 Pro - $5,000.00

By World Movement Enterprises

Consulting For The Artist

More in-depth consulting to strengthen career directions, album structuring, live shows, packaging, promo planning, team & individual strengthening & much more.

Worldwide Promotion & Solicitation

Perfecting your presentation package, then promoting you to hundreds of influential decision-makers with leading record Labels, Distributors, Publishing Companies & Top Music Leaders in all countries including:

US * Germany * Canada * France * England * Japan * Spain * Italy * Australia * Brazil * Netherlands * Korea * Hong Kong * China * Belgium * New Zealand * Russia * Argentina * Mexico * India * plus many more prime areas.

Includes presentations on your music to top decision-makers at #1 Worldwide Industry Conventions MIDEM (Which is #1 for 44 years) in South of France & POP KOMM in Berlin Germany.

Includes promoting for all interest & deals, help in understanding the terms and pros & cons of each deal, negotiating the best possible deals & executing the deals, working as a liaison between you and the foreign labels to maximize the running & potential of each deal!

SoundTrack Promotions

Promoting your music for Movie Soundtracks, TV Shows, Video Games, Commercial & other media use and exposure.

Promotional Materials

Designing from artist supplied elements (photos, logos, etc) a Promotional Poster & Promo Card


10,000 Color Flyers

200 Color Promo Posters

3,000 CD's

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WMR Promotional Package #2 Pro $5,000.00

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