Little Girl III - $3,500.00

By SXISMA Art Gallery

Original painting. Gouache on paper.

Dimensions: 35 x 25 cm (H x W).

The Three Little Girls were created together, in 2002, and the inspiration was the theater play written by Pablo Picasso under the title Four Little Girls.

The seemingly disconnected language of the girls in the play, reinforces the cruelty of war against their innocence.

As in the play, the Little Girls here do not show their loveliness and innocence: the cruelty of war is depicted in the grimaces of their faces. Furthermore, their hands are either "cut off" or trying desperately to find and hold on steady roots of the ground.

In Little Girl III, the dark power of transformation has completed its task. What is left, is a little girl with no real face: half of it still has some skin, however her left eye is hollow. The right half of the face is an ugly and wicked mask in blue and white. The mouth is a black line that seems to puke from the left side. Her dress is red: yes, she remembers that she used to wear a beautiful red velvet dress. The black wiring, that was used to support her head, has turned into seemingly normal black hair. Her left arm has remained disfigured and, in the place of her heart, there is the sign of a black cross: "her" cross to carry for lifeā€¦

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Little Girl III $3,500.00

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