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By Satorotas Consulting

A "Bum Roll" is an article of clothing that originated in the Renaissance. The "roll" which sat on the "bum" or butt was a crescent shaped padding with ribbons at either end that would be tied around the waist and worn under the skirt so that it enhanced the curves giving the wearer a bit of a "bump" in the "bum." This accessory continued to be used in the upcoming centuries and morphed along the the changing female silhouette. Eventually, these "underpinnings" took on a life of their own becoming "paniers" in the 18th cc and then "bustles" in the 19th cc. But the humble "Bum Roll" persisted, becoming one of the most practical accessories for the serious costumer.

A Bum Roll can adapt itself to achieve almost any type of silhouette from the High Renaissance to the 19th cc "Gilded Age" silhouette. It's a versatile accessory for the serious costumer and practical too: there's no need to resort to wearing a "cage" paneer or a "cage" bustle when one can just as easily achieve the look by using these pads.

Our Bum Rolls are versatile, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. They are made from from lightweight foam and batting, then covered with 100% cotton. Just wash them in cool water/gentle cycle and air dry. The dimensions are 6 1/2" W X 25" L. The widest point is 6 1/2" but it tapers off to 0" at the ends. Twill tape ribbons are attached so you can accommodate them to your waist circumference.

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Bum Roll $20.00
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