Got Ink? Tattoo Guide - 490+ Designs - $1.89


Are you tired of seeing the same old tattoo designs? Buy this guide and see some of the hottest designs around!! And besides, this isn't just one of those little design books with less than 100 designs. This book has an awesome 490+ designs!! We'll get back to designs in a minute. Let me tell you about some of the other features of the book. It will help anyone getting a tattoo. Whether it is your first tattoo or your twentieth. A lot of the frequently asked questions are answered here. If you're a seasoned tattoo owner or a first timer, your questions will be answered. Sections like "Getting a Tattoo," "Sanitation", and "Care of New Tattoos" will send you on your way to learning about the tattoo world and not sounding like a newbie at the tattoo parlor. You'll know the questions to ask and be satisfied with the artist of your choice. Now, back to the designs. There are an unbelievable 21 sections of designs in addition to two bonus sections. This covers a lot of pages. The entire book is a whopping 176 pages!! The designs covered in these pages are, Alien, Angel, Animal, Asian, Butterfly, Cartoon, Celtic, Clown, Cross, Demon, Devil, Dragon, Fairy, Flower, Monster, Native American, Pinup, Religious, Skeleton, Sun and Star, and Symbol. WOW! That's a lot of categories. In addition to that, there are two bonus sections: Tribal Tattoos and Japanese Characters. This book will give you a ton of ideas to bring to your favorite tattoo artist!!! A welcome set of ideas! Get It Now!!

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Got Ink? Tattoo Guide - 490+ Designs $1.89

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