Post Processing Recipes - $25.00

By mibreit-photo

In this digital post processing tutorial I show seven techniques, which can be used to enhance the look of landscape and cityscape photos using Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Tutorial contains 89 minutes of video divided into seven parts:

  1. Enhancing the Sun shows a technique to improve the appearance of the sun in a photo
  2. Streaking Clouds is about bringing more movement into clouds
  3. City Lights deals with a way to work on lights in a blue hour shots of cities
  4. Diffusion Technique shows a mix of in field and post processing techniques to get a dreamy photo
  5. In Advanced Warping I describe my workflow for image warping
  6. Advanced Perspective deals with selectively correcting the perspective photos
  7. Twilight with Stars shows a workflow for creating twilight photos with still some stars in the sky

For more information, please head over to my homepage. You'll also find a contact sheet there, in case you have questions:

The tutorial is targeting the advanced Photoshop user.

Download size is 421MB.

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Post Processing Recipes $25.00
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