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Dicklyn Fut - Pictures of Her Arms - $5.00

By Other Music by Me Music

The audio file above is only the sampler medley, hosted on Bandcamp. Do not hit the "download" link in the player - purchase this album via the "Buy Now" link below.

MP3@320 with ID3 tags + cover image in a .ZIP file

01 Her Arms

02 Stupid Alcohol

03 Dumbass

04 Teach Your Kids

05 Beloved

06 Archaic Residue

07 Her Arms Remix

08 Stupid Alcohol Remix

09 Dumbass Remix

10 Teach Your Kids Remix

11 Beloved Remix

12 Archaic Residue Remix

13 Her Noise

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Dicklyn Fut - Pictures of Her Arms$5.00
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