Collar/Spider Guard Attacks - £9.99

By CSA Digital Downloads

Detangle the Spider Guard in 30 minutes, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Struggling to piece together the Spider Guard puzzle? Drawing a blank when it comes to open guard? Knowing where to go when the guard is opened can be tricky, complicated sequences can land you awkwardly on your back, flailing like a tortoise.

Collar/Spider Attacks Vol. 1 is a blueprint by which you can construct your very own championship guard-game. You will learn a system of techniques employed by some of the most accomplished and prolific competitors in the sport, taught in compact, precise videos (spanning no longer than 4 minutes individually), applicable at every belt level. The series covers simple, interchangeable attacks that will keep your opponent and training partners under the constant threat of being swept or submitted.

Learn competition tested techniques, dynamic attacks covering all ranges.

Master simple, easy grip exchanges.

Retain position against seasoned guard-passers.

Learn anywhere: totally portable, Collar/Spider Attacks Vol. 1 is a digital download. You can upgrade your game on demand, no need to worry about a dvd.


"Having looked for a spider guard video for a while, I came across this by recommendation from a friend, and I was not disappointed. Adam Watts breaks it down into understandable sections of knowledge and I really appreciated the fact that it was easily digestible and concise.

The collar/spider and shin on shin system has worked wonders for me and has worked in competition settings too for me. It’s now my go to guard thanks to the tips in Watts’ instructional.

If you are looking for a strong, versatile and dynamically aggressive Guard game,I highly recommend this instructional. It’s packed full of gems of well presented, concise information that lay out a Spider/Collar system that tricks, controls and prevails."

- Luca Trimarchi, BJJ Blue Belt

" The instructional on the collar spider by Adam is amazing. Since playing around with this guard it has quickly become a staple of my game. The grips you have from the collar and sleeve are extremely strong and work really well to disrupt your opponents posture whilst the spider hook helps to disrupt your opponents base. Adam teaches this technique really well and it has worked wonders for me. It is also a really good technique to link in with other open guards. Thanks Adam ????????"

Luke Gosha, BJJ Purple Belt.

If you're not 100% satisfied with Collar/Spider Attacks Vol. 1, contact us and you'll be given a complete refund.

Unlike other, similar intructionals, Collar/Spider Attacks Vol. 1 won't break the bank. You will receive the same quality tuition for a bargain price.1. Pulling Collar/Spider Guard

2. Collar/Spider Guard Recovery

3. Shin on Shin Triangle

4. Shin on Shin X Guard Entry

5. Double Ankle Sweep

6. Leg Push Sweep

7. RDL to Leg Push Sweep

8. Triangle vs Kneeling Opponent

9. Armbar vs Kneeling Oppnent

10. Triangle II vs Kneeling Opponent

11. Kneebar

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Collar/Spider Guard Attacks £9.99
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