The Trouble With Germany PDF. - €7.50

By Justin Roberts

The Trouble With Germany

From the history of the British Motorcycle industry to the importance of sex workers within the German economy this book attempts to join up a few of the dots that make up the bigger picture of Europe today.

Frustrated by government spin and the whitewash applied by the media over the extent and cause of the recession the author takes a trip over to the continent to try and get a grasp of what the modern Europe is all about. The resulting account of his travels and subsequent research paints a picture that is often at odds with the political narrative we are expected to unquestioningly accept.

Riding is the thinking man’s driving and here we have an excellent example of how travel by two wheels can expand the horizons through inspiration and reflection. It is an essential read for bikers wanting to gain more from their touring or anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our continental colleagues.

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The Trouble With Germany PDF. €7.50

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