Gloves Glock

By Composing Gloves

Gloves Glock was created by Composing Gloves.

Completely Free! Its true, please consider a donation, just a dollar goes a long ways. 


1.  Articulation Mixer between hard and soft mallets. (A feature I'm surprised I don't see more often) 

2. Keyswitch Bypass (So you can use the mixer or the key-switches but not both.)

3. Special Reverse Patches (Made with a constant offset of 1 second with the exception of pitches samples)

4. Extended Range Patches (Another feature I'm surprised I don't see often)

5. ADSR Wine Glass Patch

6. Recorded in Stereo (XY configuration, close mic)

7. Stereo Spread Knob

8. Reverb Size Knob

9. Integrated Help Text


?SIZE: Zipped: 353 MB

Just follow the included instruction text file to install. 

Rules (Copyright): All Rights Reserved Composing Gloves 2017 

1. You cannot redistribute this product. 

2. You cannot create loops and sell those or take any piece of the product and re-sell it with the exception of a music track. 

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