Lovers VI - $2,800.00

By SXISMA Art Gallery

Original painting. Gouache on paper.

Year: 2007. Dimensions: 23 x 29cm (H x W).

One of a series of 13 paintings under the same title. Intimacy, tensions, love transformation processes through the exchange of energies between two lovers, relationship bonding and/or resignation.

In this series, the female is always the figure at the left while the male is the figure at the right. In this particular painting, the male has become the very figure of death that seems to consume all vitality of the female: he rests his body on her lap, confident of the hold he has over his victim. The female has shrunk almost into the wall behind her, her spine seemingly broken, her right hand disfigured, lies motionless and lifeless  on her side. The background is red (behind the male) and ice blue behind the female. The space between them is marked by black "ties" and an empty, grey space.

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Lovers VI $2,800.00

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