Flash and Tattoo Art - 193 Pages - $1.89

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Are you looking for something outside of the tired old design books? This book won't deal you any BS. The contents of this book are simple: Cover, Table of Contents and Designs. Plenty of designs! Simple categories too: Tribal, Assorted and Word. There will be something that will catch your eye in this book. New designs right in your home!! You know how it is down at the parlor. A lot of people hanging out and talking. Sometimes, you just can't get a clear thought to work for you. Now, with this book, you can sit and home and think and come up with a design that you really like. You can print the page and bring it to your favorite artist to see what he or she can do with it. If you've looked at other eBooks, you'll appreciate the quantity of designs in this book. In this 193 page collection, there are well over 250 designs for you to choose from. All of these designs are together for the first time in this massive book. It's a lot of designs and it's well worth it for the price. It's available here via immediate digital delivery upon payment. It's just a download away. Get It Now!!

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Flash and Tattoo Art - 193 Pages $1.89
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