Ducks in a Row Workbook - $19.00

By Upstate Clutter Coach

If you've ever settled the estate of a loved one or needed answers faster than you can find them, then you know the value of information.

The Ducks in a Row Workbook (PDF and Excel formats) is intended to collect all your vital and personal records in one place.

You can choose to complete the information on the computer or as a printed document with nine chapters and over 60 worksheets. The chapters cover personal information/history (know all about you and your family), emergency plans (know who to contact and where to find the valuables), asset inventories (know what you have), investment inventories (know where the money is), monthly/quarterly/lifetime debt inventories (know where the money goes), insurance policies (know what's covered), medical and prescriptions (know what you're dealing with), contact lists of all important parties (know who to call), and final wishes (know what to do in the end).

If you plan to print the workbook, you'll need one 1.5-inch binder, Avery 10 Tab Dividers, and a handful of plastic sheet protectors that you can use to contain copies of your vital documents. (Store the original vital documents in a fire-proof safe.)

Life happens. Make sure you've got your ducks in a row. 

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Ducks in a Row Workbook $19.00

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