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By mibreit-photo

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In this digital post processing tutorial I show my techniques for creating a dreamy photo finish in Adobe Photoshop.

The Tutorial contains 46 minutes of video divided into four parts:

  • In Starting Material I describe what's important for the raw photos you capture

  • In Softening the Image I show my favourite techniques to give photos a dreamy look

  •  Increasing Details is about techniques to bring out details in a photo in order to counter the softening step and to further guide the viewer

  •  Light Beams shows yet another method to give a photo a more mystic look

For more information, please head over to my homepage. You'll also find a contact sheet there, in case you have questions:


The tutorial is targeting the intermediate to advanced Photoshop user. Minimum Software requirement is Photoshop CS6.

Download size is 207MB.

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Dreamy Photo Techniques $15.00
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