Income + Expense Tracker - $25.00

By Upstate Clutter Coach

As the daughter of an accountant, tracking my finances has always been a top priority. It's important to know WHAT you're spending your money on and WHERE income is generated. This information helps you to make powerful, informed decisions as you expand your business.

This Excel spreadsheet contains a summary sheet that totals all categories per month to create an annual overview of spending as it auto-populates values from your monthly sheets. It will help you to understand the seasonal cycle of organizing jobs, which tells you when to take vacations, focus on your blog, or even offer workshops as an additional income stream.

The spreadsheet also contains monthly worksheets so that you can easily enter each income or expense item. This function is extremely helpful when balancing the money you THINK you have to what's actually in the bank. It will also help you to keep track of the times you've spent money on your business out of your own pocket and need to reimburse yourself for the temporary loans.

While I do not provide support on the spreadsheet, your accountant and tutorials found on YouTube can help you identify which categories you need to use, how to use them, and how to expand them for future growth.

Basic instructions are included on the Summary and January worksheets.

This item is for personal use only and shall not be resold. It can be downloaded up to three times within the first three days of receipt, so act fast when it comes to your inbox!

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Income + Expense Tracker $25.00

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