Flexmode: Flexes with a Cigarette! - €6.90

By BeastMuscleShow

Flexmode is becoming more muscular and more masculine by the day!

Watch him show off his muscle POWER in this new video!

His delts are so HUGE and defined! And his traps seem as if they go all the way up to his ears when he flexes them!

You are witnessing an ALPHA musclegod emerging and he is enjoying every minute of it! Just as he should!

This video contains scenes of him with a cigarette. He doesn't smoke in the video but the small cigarette shows perfectly, just how big, muscular, and manly he is! Especially the scenes when he compares it with his MASSIVE delts and traps! It literally gets lost inside of all of the masculine grooves and muscle detail!

You will enjoy this video immensely!

Full video is over 10 minutes long and in HD! 

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Flexmode: Flexes with a Cigarette! €6.90
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