Under the Blood Moon - Autographed - $10.00

By Title Wave Publishing LLC

Something scientific, and some believe spiritual, is going on in the sky. It's only a matter of days before the first of four total lunar eclipses will light up the sky with a blood-red moon.

However, something else is going on in San Francisco. After two hundred years of rest, something supernatural has woken up, and it is on the hunt. As the police investigate a string of ghastly murders that appear ritualistic and scientists watch the sky, something else—a particular kind of evil—lies in wait. While some prepare for its arrival, others prepare to stop it.

Julia Stevens lives a simple lifestyle that is suddenly complicated by Seth Lupul. For the first time ever, she finds that she isn't the one in control and that worries her. While she is drawn to the mysterious man, she tries to keep things casual, but when she learns of their intertwined destinies, anything can happen under the blood moon.


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Under the Blood Moon - Autographed $10.00
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