By Composing Gloves

1. Glitch Hop 110bpm - Colors

     1. Colors

     2. Don’t Look Inside

     3. Killer Ladybugs

     4. Work All Day

This first came about by as one of my first real serious attempts at production. My sound design knowledge was pretty large but this predates any college, and so my mixing and general song writing has some unusual moves. It is an interesting work to follow because it moves through the time period I started the audio program and I finished in about 3 semesters in. 

It is called colors because of the first track which was heavily inspired by Daft Punks "Harder Better Faster Stronger".  Of the tracks on this EP, "Work All Day" is my favorite. Don't ask about Killer Ladybugs if you want to live. Finally, Don't Look Inside has the most meaning of any of these songs. I'll let you listen for yourself, just saying what it means takes away from the art. 

Please consider a donation and enjoy the music! 

For licencing please contact me through my website. 

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