Restul Routine - $197.00

By Ophelie BOTTIN

Tired of feeling exhausted after your work day? 

Let me guess, your To Do List is longer than ever... Your kids need your help for a new project and you've said "YES" as a volunteer for an upcoming fund raising event that really matters to you. 

OK... I get it. You're awesome but you're drained, overwhelmed, and your stress level's slowly rising to the roof. 

I've been there & let me be brutally honest. You can't keep going like this. 

That's why I've packaged my own "PhD proof" system to  help you creating the sweetest routine ever... easy, fun, & simple with actionable tips so you can manage life bumps with a smile. 

In less than 5 minutes, you'll feel calmer, more relax, and recharged each time. 

Pink2city "Your gallery and words are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for being You!"

How do I know that? 

Because Restful Routine is not your typical 5-day mini course, it's a deep understanding on:

- the reasons why resolutions will lead you to failure (and what to do instead)

- the nuts and bolts of project management and goals that create stress (and how to switch them easily)

- how you can easily redefine happiness as a meaningful and easy tool that triggers your willingness to reach your dreams each and every time

- how my PhD has taught me how to create very effective and cosy-friendly routines in less than 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes... 

- why you should reframe the way you see routines and rituals in your daily life

"You'll be ready to take on the USA. Someone needs to remind us of our "pursuit of happiness". Holding my Hygge for your arrival." 

Restful Routine: The 5-day only system made by you, for you! You'll be craving to stick to  this Danish inspired (cosy packed) routine... 

Get a FULL access to all the material as soon as you checked out + our BONUSES to help you to implement Restful Routine effortlessly.

As a reward for your investment, we'll be happy to provide you any further updates FREE of charges. 

Kimberly  " I highly recommend Ophelie's course. Super helpful."

Say GOODBYE to surviving coffee shots mode & be ready to boost your confidence with a cosy routine made by you for you. 

-->BEWARE The downloadable link is available for 14 days with 3 downloads MAX

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Restul Routine $197.00
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