The Repurpose Content Vault - £27.00

By Janet Walker

  • The Repurpose Content Vault

  • Your secret weapon to creating More Content & Social Proof Online

Getting frustrated with creating content to promote your business? I get it content creation takes a while to create, but seems to disappear not long after you hit publish. You want to stay in your social feeds, so your business becomes memorable but that needs more content.

However, that person you follow, seems to always have content showing up in your feeds. How do they do it? It seems like they are creating content 24 hours a day! There's got to be an easier way of creating content right? That will last longer than the cold coffee sitting on your desk.

Creating content and sharing it, is not going to fade away overnight. What do those who have continual content in your feeds 247, doing, that you are not?  An the question is, can you do the same?

The secret key to why some people have content overload, while others struggle.

Is because of Content Strategy. Without one, you'll be creating more & more new content. However, those in the know, use their old content to it's fullest potential.

They make that blog post or video work for them like it's earning a salary. Plus as big bonus, it helps them to create Social Proof of their information. They become the go-to person for their knowledge, thanks to their Old Content.

Here's how it works..

Take 1 blog post or video. Repurpose it 2 different ways. YOU just tripled your content

Now take 10 blog posts or videos. Repurpose those the SAME 2 ways. You now have 30 Pieces of Content to share online!

How many days, weeks, months would that cover if you scheduled all that new content?

Plus imagine all the places you would be visualizable, thus staying in your customer's mind without the effort!

Mind Blown Yet?

And what's amazing is that you can make this happen. If you have old content, even if it's only 1 blog post or video you are good to go. 

The truth is Content is King & without it no one will know who you are or what you offer. Alongside that, you need Consistency which is Queen when it comes to delivering your content to the masses.

Now if you want to be in a position to win online you to need content & consistency working in harmony for you, even while you sleep.

It's time to harness the best power you have


The Repurpose Content Vault will have you creating multi levels of content like a BEAST

Inside this E-book set you get:

Workbook 1 PDF – 28+ ways to repurpose your content

Workbook 2 PDF – 6+ ways to monetise your repurposed content

Workbook 3 PDF – The Checklist

Workbook 1 + 2 has information for each different way to repurpose your content. Along with links, mini tutorials & ideas to make sure you take action.

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The Repurpose Content Vault £27.00

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