Clinical Governance in a CDC Environment - $99.00

By Better Boards

This 60 minute webinar recording will address clinical governance and the board's role in clinical governance. What they need to know and what they should know.

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Is clinical governance an operational or strategic responsibility?

With a focus on consumer directed care (CDC) in home care and a call for CDC in residential care, will this affect the way you manage clinical governance?

To what extent does the board need to be aware of clinical risk management and what particular areas of clinical care should the board be aware of?

Traditionally boards have had a significant focus on financial management and strategic direction. Boards, historically through their makeup, have not had the expertise to know what it is they don’t know. This webinar will help your board to discover what it is that it doesn't know in regards to Clinical Governance.

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Recorded February 2017

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Clinical Governance in a CDC Environment $99.00
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