Chiptune Adventures by Composing Gloves

By Composing Gloves


1. Hit Start

2. Enter Realm 2

3. Fire Run

4. Hand Drawn Song

5. The Creepers Hall

6. 4 HP

7. Homestead

8. Chirp

9. I See It

10. Left

11. March On

12. Race Home 

INCLUDED: 16 Bit Wave and 320 MP3 + Album Art

AWESOME ART by Shane Goudy

This was a very fun project. One of the main goals was to use a tracker to do the compositions (with the exception of fire run, which was composed for a game that never got released). Melodic composition, music theory, and Hexadecimal all became new beasts!

I have a number of drum and bass style tracks in their but wanted to include some of the other branches of chiptune, while I don't cover them all, I think there is a fair verity. I stayed away from FM as a general rule, so it is early chiptune influenced, with the exception of the drums. Some of these were made in a school library while working on my laptop and headphone and helping friends with math, such as "March On", while others were made on my home rig. I must say, The Creepers Hall is one of my favorites in this work. Hand drawn Song is so named because the main sounds where drawn by hand (mouse really). 

For licencing please contact me via my website. 

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