A Director's Guide to Intellectual Property – How to Identify and Protect Your Assets - $99.00

By Better Boards

Does your board and executive know how to identify and protect the organisation's Intellectual Property?

While it is relatively easy to identify and understand the physical assets of an organisation, unless your board and executive are familiar with identifying and understanding the intangible assets associated with the organisation’s day-to-day activities, potential opportunities and pitfalls for the organisation may be overlooked.

Intangible assets such as Intellectual Property have value – and not just monetary value. Intellectual Property has reputational and goodwill value, collaborative value and commercialisation potential. Your organisation’s Intellectual Property is what differentiates it from other organisations.

Your organisation’s Intellectual Property is a valuable asset and it is critical that your board and chief executive understand how to protect and leverage it.

This practical 60-minute webinar covers:

  • Why it’s important for the board & executive to be familiar with Intellectual Property
  • The different types and forms of Intellectual Property
  • How to identity your organisation's Intellectual Property
  • How your organisation can capture value from its Intellectual Property and intangible assets

Purchase this webinar if you, your board and executive want to understand, in a practical sense, what you can do to familiarise yourself with identifying your organisation's intangible Intellectual Property assets and why you should bother to do so.

The Presenters

Fabiola is Head of Trademarks at FAL Lawyers. Fabiola advises boards and senior executives of government agencies, major corporations, SMEs and not-for-profit organisations on Trade Mark Law, brand protection and brand development strategies both in Australia and internationally. Fabiola commenced her career in one of the most prominent Intellectual Property firms in Latin America and worked at a specialist Melbourne IP law firm prior to joining FAL. Fabiola has an extensive network of overseas associates and is a member of INTA (International Trademarks Association), ASIPI (Interamerican Intellectual Property Association) as well as the Venezuelan Bar Association. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Kristy is Head of Patents & Designs at FAL Lawyers. Kristy has extensive experience in patents, strategic IP management and commercialisation. She was previously the sole in-house IP counsel for an ASX-listed pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical devices company. Prior to this she was responsible for managing and commercialising the global IP portfolio of an ASX & NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical R&D company and played a key role in management of the companies IP portfolio as well as due diligence, licensing, asset acquisition and collaboration activities. Kristy holds a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in chemistry from the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Monash University.

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A Director's Guide to Intellectual Property – How to Identify and Protect Your Assets $99.00

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