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Are you tired looking at the same old design books at the tattoo parlor? You need to bust out and find some designs you can bring to your artist and have him or her go to town. Buy this eBook and get 300+ new design ideas that your artist probably hasn't seen yet!! Don't you want to be original? There is no lengthy tutorial in this book - just the basics for newbies - and then just all designs - over 300 of them. For you newbies, the sections for you are: Beginners Guide to Getting a Tattoo, Tattoo Safety Precautions, Choosing a Tattoo Parlor, Tattoo Care and History of Tattoos. It will give you a good dose of basic tattoo knowledge. In this 153 page collection, the following design categories are covered: Tribal, Celtic, Decorative, Dragons, Assorted Flash, Angels, Butterflies, Floral, Patriotic, Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac, and Chinese Characters. It's a lot of designs and it's well worth it for the price. And, get this, you don't need to look at all the designs to get to the section you are interested in. That's right! In the Table of Contents, all you need to do is click on whatever section that you want to go to and BAM - you are there. You know how painful it is to look through those huge books in the parlor. So, if you want to look at 300+ designs that you haven't seen before, buy this eBook now! Isn't this affordable? Get it now!!

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Tattoos Unlimited - 300+ Designs $0.99

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