Software Code Review Package - $4,990.00

By Unstoppable Software, Inc.

Our clients often ask us to review existing code, databases, and user interfaces, to answer the question “Should we keep this and fix it, or throw it away and start over?” Often, this is because they are looking at replacing a legacy system, or because a previous development team failed to finish a project.

In this engagement, we will exhaustively review your software code, user interfaces, reports, and databases, and provide you with our honest opinion on both the quality and maintainability of the system, and the skillset of the developers who created it, and where they might need help or mentoring.

We will sign an NDA before any intellectual property is exchanged, before the engagement begins. At the end of this engagement, you will receive an exhausting report containing our findings as well as suggested next steps.

We will begin the engagement within two weeks of purchase.

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Software Code Review Package $4,990.00
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