Composing Gloves - Reversal - $5.00

By Composing Gloves


Reversal is a sample pack that is perfect for a dramatic entrance, or creating an atmospheric mood. Its great for drum and bass, electro, dubstep, trance, house, hip-hop pretty much any electronic genre! 120 minor chord reversal leads.  Just drag and drop into your favorite DAW! Add to your DAW's browser for speedy audition and access abilities!  

Includes: 120 minor chord reversal leads. 10 samples for each note in the western chromatic scale to ensure you have a chord that fits your track. Transpose for even more options.

Format: .wav 32 bitfloat

Delivered as: Download .zip file

Size: 299mb (uncompressed)

Simply download, unzip, and use! 

By Downloading this product you agree that you may not distribute this product as single samples or loops. You may not make your own loops with the samples and sell them as a sample pack or individual products. You may make songs and sell them. Failure to adhere to these rights may result in illegal action.

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Composing Gloves - Reversal $5.00

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