Your Car Can Run On Tap Water - $4.47


Surely you have heard about hydrogen engine conversion. The plans contained in the book on this CD will give you plenty of insight on how to do it yourself (or have someone else do the work). People all over are looking for that one alternative fuel source. Is a hydrogen/oxygen powered engine for you? This book will definitely give you enough information to make an educated decision. The plans are not difficult to understand. Everything is in plain English. Everything is spelled out for you. You will be shown exactly what parts to get, what tools you need and what techniques you need to use to accomplish the job. If you have any doubts whether you can complete the project, you should hire a qualified professional to do the work for you. This project is not for the squeamish. The dependence on fossil fuel is getting to a dangerous level and it's time for the common man to fight back. There are solutions for the fuel crisis. There are many methods for alternative energy. We need to allow ourselves the chance to make a difference. This project can serve a dual purpose. If you convert your engine to hydrogen, you will not only be saving money on the ever-growing price of gasoline - you will be helping the environment at the same time - both worthwhile causes! You owe it to yourself and the environment to at least give these plans a good look to see if it is something that you are capable of doing. Many people are using these plans right now. These people are saving a lot of money not paying for gasoline.

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Your Car Can Run On Tap Water $4.47
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