Tantra Massage for Lovers - $29.99

By Satorotas Consulting

Tantra Massage for Lovers is now available in an e-book format. This is a comprehensive, all inclusive handbook for learning the sacred art of authentic Tantric massage. The book is suitable for couples of all orientations who would like to practice this ancient, erotic artform. The downloadable book contains over 75 pages of easy to learn techniques and over 60 beautiful, full color, explicit photographs to accompany the descriptions. There is a special section describing the never before revealed secrets of energy transmutation that will deepen your relationships while enhancing the orgasmic experience. It is a book that will serve you and your partner over and over again. Purchase all three e-books, TMFL, Yoniverse, and Worshipping the Goddess to receive a generous discount!

This book contains educational material intended for a mature audience; by clicking on the link to purchase you confirm, under penalty of perjury, that you are over 18 years of age and that you are complying to the standards of your community.

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Tantra Massage for Lovers $29.99
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