WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS Promotional Package 3 - $3,000.00

By World Movement Records

CONSULTING FOR THE ARTIST : More in depth Consulting to strengthen Career Direction, Album Structuring, Live Show, Packaging, Promo Planning, Team & Individual strengthening & much more.


Perfecting your presentation package, then promoting you to Hundreds of influential decision makers with leading record Labels, Distributors, Publishing Companies & Top Music Leaders in all countries, including: U.S. * GERMANY * CANADA * FRANCE * ENGLAND JAPAN * SPAIN * ITALY * AUSTRALIA * BRAZIL NETHERLANDS * KOREA * HONG KONG * CHINA BELGIUM * NEW ZEALAND * RUSSIA * ARGENTINA MEXICO * INDIA * PLUS : Many more prime areas!

Including Presentations of your music to top decision Makers at #1 Worldwide Industry Conventions MIDEM (which is #1 for 44 years) in South of France & POP KOMM in Berlin Germany.

Includes promoting for all interest & deals, help in understanding the terms and pros & cons of each deal, negotiating the best possible deals & executing the deals, working as a liason between you & the Foreign labels to maximize the running & potential of each deal!


Promoting your music for Movie Soundtracks, TV Shows, Videogames, Commercials & other media use and exposure.


Designing from artist supplied elements (photos, logos, etc.) a Promotional Poster & Promo Card

Printing : 10,000 Color Promo Flyers 200 Color Promo Posters CD INVENTORY

Stock for Sale & Promotional use to promote shows, Press, and for any other promotional purposes;

Totaling : 3000 CDs (from artist supplied master/artwork to spec*) Including 1000 Store ready packaged CDs & 2000 Discs (for promotion or future sale**)

ONLY $3000 (worth over $10,000 )

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WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS Promotional Package 3 $3,000.00

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