Metropolis Wallpaper Pack 4K

By mibreit-photo

4K Wallpaper Pack - Metropolis

This 4k Wallpaper Pack contains 10 different images of cities all around the world.

Each wallpaper is a collage of three images of the city it shows. The photos are composed and rendered to show these cities in exceptional quality on your 4k displays. But don't worry, the wallpapers will also look great an less resolving displays, for example Full-HD.

The cities that are shown on these 4k wallpapers are London, Chicago, Auckland, Prague, Budapest, Hanoi, Rome, Valletta, Hong Kong and as a bonus the historic city of Angkor.


You can pay whatever you want for this pack - it's basically free. But you can support me and my photography with a little donation, if you like.

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Photo Editing Tutorials

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If you like my photos and are interested in purchasing a print, I've setup a shop at Redbubble where you can purchase prints in great quality and various formats.

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